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We offer the following Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services:

Transcending Troubles goal is to provide mediation and conflict management services through the blended use of concepts associated to Transformative Mediation, a mediation technique focused on empowerment and recognition; and Problem Solving Mediation, a mediation technique focused on solving identified problems while maximizing joint gains/interests for the purpose of resolution.


This blended approach enables parties to not only see, but understand, the other person’s point of view and why they are approaching this issue the way they are.  While understanding the root cause does not constitute agreement with the other party, it does lay the foundation for the parties to potentially build mutually agreeable positions and “transcend” their current mind set into one that is more collaboratively focused on resolution of the issues at hand. 


Workplace Mediation / Conflict Resolution

Workplace Mediation services provide a confidential process where a qualified/certified, neutral, and independent mediator facilitates a conversation between people involved in an interpersonal conflict, ongoing disagreement, or dispute. The workplace mediators’ role is to serve as a skilled listener, facilitator and interpersonal dynamics and communication resource and to provide a structured process that assists with establishing communication norms, identifying core issues and needs, developing options, and guiding the involved parties to determine mutually agreeable solutions.

Common examples of situations where workplace mediation works are:

      • Personality clashes
      • Communication breakdowns
      • Relationship breakdown within a team
      • Bullying and harassment
      • Cultural misunderstandings due to different nationalities working in the same workplace
      • Colleagues of a similar job or grade
      • Unresolved issues between a line manager and his/her staff

How Workplace Mediation Helps

Workplace Mediation can be the most cost effective and successful solution to the conflict in your workplace. As Nationally Certified Mediators, we will assist your business (in person or virtually) to work through conflict that is negatively affecting:

      • Morale
      • Productivity
      • Organizational Culture and Quality
      • Team Dynamics

All of which can be disastrous to your business and your bottom line. 

Personal and Business Disputes

    • Conflicts between business partners
    • Landlord / Tenant
    • Issues with a friend, family member or neighbor
    • Arrangements for the care of an elderly relative

Conscious Uncoupling, Divorce, and Separation (married or unmarried)

An Openness to doing things differently is a much-needed cultural shift in our society that typically views break up or divorce as a failure and something to be ashamed of.  This dated societal belief leaves prior partners with anger, bitterness, and resentment towards each other when it truly does not have to be that way.


Conscious uncoupling reframes the view of break-ups and divorce.  It provides couples with a new perspective and allows couples the freedom to say, “We are no longer going to be together with the way that we were but we want to find a new way forward without bitterness and hate.”


Transcending Troubles is ready, willing, and able to assist you with proactively applying the concepts associated with conscious uncoupling and transformative mediation, to end your relationship with If you are interested in assistance with the 5 steps associated with conscious uncoupling with dignity and respect.