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HR Services


Our team is equipped to expand your capacity or handle HR functions you just don’t want to deal with — regardless of your industry or size, so you can focus on the rest of your top priorities.


Our HR Consulting Services are billed on an hourly basis. You only pay for what you need. We’ll match the most appropriate consultant to your specific needs and perform services on or off-site.  Our services include but are not limited to:

      • HR Outsourcing
      • HR Consulting
      • Create and enhance HR Programs
      • Compliance Audits and Investigations
      • Policy and Procedure review, creation, and training
      • Training Programs
      • Performance Management and Behavior Modification
      • Executive / Staff Coaching and Training
      • Disciplines and Terminations
      • Systemic and Root Cause Analysis

Whether you are a new start-up in need of assistance creating systems, processes, policies, and procedures, prior to hiring your first employee(s) or if you are an established business requiring a review of your existing HR structures, investigations, and even the dreaded terminations, Transcending Troubles will provide you with professional, timely, and cost-effective options that will not only suit your business needs, but your bottom line as well.   

We will discuss your issues, needs, and requirements at the initial consultation. Thereafter, once agreement is reached as to whether you want to have continuous access to Transcending Troubles with a retainer (paid monthly), project-based contract, or if you wish to utilize “pay as you go” services, a rate will be agreed upon. 



In addition to a customized solution to your HR needs, Transcending Troubles can provide a service on a pay as you go basis to allow you to benefit from the most cost-effective solution for your business’ HR needs.