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HR Services


HR outsourcing is an economical option for businesses without a full-service HR department in-house to provide high-level HR services to its organization. In this model, entire HR functions such as benefits administration, recruiting, onboarding, employee and management training, performance management, employee relations and more are outsourced to one or multiple consultants. This option allows businesses to pay for HR services without having to employ and maintain a full-time HR manager or an entire team.


The HR projects option is a perfect solution for organizations needing support with a specific HR task or individual project for which the client hires Smart HR on a per-project basis. In this model, a consultant assumes complete responsibility for specific organization requested projects.  These could include projects such as drafting job descriptions, reviewing HR related policies and procedures, updating or creating an employee handbook, developing a performance management system, conducting an HR audit, and many more options.



HR services can be billed in various ways, that work for your budget.  They include:

    • Hourly (pay as you go)
    • Project Based Contract
    • Monthly Retainer (for expanded access)

Regardless of which option you choose, Transcending Troubles will provide you with professional, timely, and cost-effective options that will not only suit your business needs, but your bottom line as well