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HR Services


Transcending Troubles works with organizations of various sizes to ensure they are providing a quality HR function that supports your corporate mission and goals.  A Transcending Consultant will listen intently to leadership and the HR management team (if one exists) to learn about the business and its unique HR needs and challenges. Our Consultant will then draw from a wealth of HR knowledge, experience, and resources to create strategic solutions destined to transcend the issues identified.


We offer a variety of HR consulting services including:

Employee Engagement
Define employee engagement goals; measure levels of employee engagement through surveys and interviews; make recommendations for optimizing employee engagement; implement engagement initiatives; and measure initiatives’ success.

Performance Management
Develop performance management systems and tools; conduct supervisory and employee training; handle performance issues, and integrate performance management into the compensation system. 

Management and Supervisory Coaching and Training
Identify training needs; and conduct supervisory training including compliance with employment laws and best practices.

Employee Relations
Provide executives resources, support, and tools necessary to effectively perform their job duties.

Management and Supervisor Guidance and Support
With only a phone call or email, you’ll have easy access to your service team who will quickly assist you with guidance and answers when dealing with various complex situations such as discrimination claims, employee disabilities, performance problems, sexual harassment, and medical leave, just to name a few. By outsourcing your human management services to us, you gain a professional independent partner who can give you the advice you and your employees need.

Employee Handbooks and Policies
Are you confident that your employee handbook meets all the current regulatory requirements and employment laws?  Do you even have an employee handbook?

Transcending Troubles will help you draft a fully compliant handbook if you don’t already have one. We’ll also periodically review your handbook to make sure it stays up-to-date with regulatory trends and the progress of your company.

Our HR consultancy services help small to medium businesses and not-for-profits keep up with changing laws pertaining to employment law, benefits regulations. We will help you understand these changes and apply them to your handbook and your business. They will also alert you to major regulatory and other HR-related developments that may require urgent policy creation or updates.