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HR Services


Transcending Troubles recommend to clients we conduct an HR audit as a preliminary step in the HR outsourcing process. An HR audit provides the baseline to prioritize an organization’s human resource needs and objectives moving forward.

During the audit, your assigned consultant conducts a thorough well-rounded review and analysis of the following HR areas:

    • Legal Compliance
    • Posting Requirements
    • Record Keeping
    • Employee Relations
    • Employee Engagement/Development
    • Performance Appraisal Systems/Management
    • Terminations
    • Communication
    • Policies and Procedures/Employee Handbook

When completing the review of these areas, Transcending Troubles determines whether an organization is following all federal, state, and local laws relative to employment law and human resources.  As part of this audit, we complete onsite interviews with employees and management, conduct a personnel file audit, and review important HR documents such as:

    • The employee handbook,
    • Job descriptions,
    • Offer letters, new hire packets,
    • Training materials and
    • Disciplinary documents.

Transcending Troubles also conducts an in-depth analysis of HR processes and procedures such as recruiting, hiring, pay and termination practices to ensure they too are compliant with federal, state, and local laws.  During this process we also perform systemic analysis to determine if current processes and procedures are functioning at the most optimum level possible.  If they are not, we will also perform root cause analysis to determine the appropriate fix.

An HR audit can be is a valuable first step in improving an organization’s HR function or can be performed in conjunction with any other HR project the company desires.