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Transcending Troubles is a premier HR Consulting and Mediation provider with over 25 years of extensive experience ensuring organizational cohesiveness and success by:

    • Creating cultures of collaboration and workforce excellence through the creation and use of the Spiritual Paradigm @ Work theory.
    • Expertly managing and mediating conflict and obstacles to achieving organizational goals.
    • Leading people, projects, and operations.
    • Mastering and performing systemic and root cause analysis.
    • Building consensus across multiple organizational departments and levels.

Our HR consulting services help small to medium businesses and not-for-profits keep up with the ever-changing laws, required policies and procedures, mandated trainings, and overall compliance associated to human resource management.  We will also assist you with managing Covid compliance and its ripple effects on your workforce.  We cover the following service areas:

    • HR Audit and Compliance
    • HR Consulting
    • HR Outsourcing
    • HR Training

Just as natural as Transcending Troubles manages human resources, they are also masters at managing and mediating conflict.  We offer Mediation services which includes:

    • Workplace mediation/conflict resolution
    • Business disputes
    • Landlord-tenant complaints
    • Conscious Uncoupling, Divorce, and Separation (married or unmarried)

Our commitment to our Mediation clients is to guide them compassionately and professionally along the path to resolution and settlement.  This is done using honesty, presentation of options/alternatives, showing them a broader perspective through mediator competence, and by assisting them to be courageous in the process of transforming their current problems into creative and transcendent solutions.  This approach ultimately provides the parties with new conflict management skills transferable to their personal and professional relationships and the world at large.

At Transcending Troubles, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations by providing HR expertise and mediation solutions that not only work but assist our clients to do just as our name suggests; transcend their troubles. 

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